Art Advisory

We provide specialist assistance in both the complex contemporary and ancient art sectors.

With a team of lawyers, tax experts, university lecturers in cultural heritage law and art critics, we assist our Clients in protecting their artistic heritage through contentious and non-contentious means. Together with the Wealth Management Department, we aim to enhance and promote this heritage as an independent asset class within the overall wealth of families.

We provide our consultancy services to collectors, artists, art dealers, museums, foundations, banks, archives, galleries, auction houses, public and private cultural institutions, libraries, and archives, and all those involved in the world of art and culture.

In particular, we advise our Clients on:

  • Copyright and resale law
  • Buying and selling art, due diligence, and transfer of copyright
  • Loans of art
  • Art reproduction rights
  • Art authenticity and attribution
  • Due diligence on collections
  • Sponsorship and merchandising contracts
  • Management and enhancement of artistic heritage, foundations, and trusts
  • Donations, inheritances, and generational transfers of art and art collections
  • Regulations governing art under the Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code
  • Art import and export
  • Anti-money laundering regulations in the art market
  • Art bonus
  • Art lending