Commercial Law &
Product Liability

In complex markets such as North America (USA and Canada) and Asia, it is essential for the entrepreneur (manufacturer, supplier or distributor) , to have effective tools to prevent and best manage potential claims. 

With the aim of presiding over and preventing issues related to the production, marketing and supply of products in any commodity sector, the Firm provides legal assistance in the field of Product Liability, with particular regard to the sensitive sectors - food, industrial (production of machinery, plants and industrial components), automotive, pharmaceutical. 

The dedicated team of professionals is able to offer effective and highly customized solutions, supporting customers in a timely and constant way in the implementation of ad hoc documental, corporate and insurance compliance, aimed at preventing, or limiting, liabilities related to the marketing, production and distribution of the product.
The Firm's team of professionals has also gained consolidated experience in the preparation of all types of contractual and documentary safeguards in peculiar markets such as the United States.



TL Awards 2022 - Finalist
Commercial Litigation