We provide advice and assistance in the event of environmental or building violations,
interacting with criminal law and administrative colleagues
in order to ensure a comprehensive and effective response.

Environmental law

Having always been aware of the importance that environmental guidelines are acquiring in business management, Morri Rossetti decided to set up a Department of Environmental Law, focused on consulting and assistance related to violations of environmental protection and building violations.

Being an interdisciplinary and continually evolving subject matter, Morri Rossetti has developed interaction between the Criminal Law and Administrative Law departments, making available a wide-ranging service able to guarantee a comprehensive and effective response to any company needs in the field of HSE.
The high quality of the Department's activity received major recognition on the occasion of the TopLegal Industry Awards, joining the elite of legal firms working in the environmental sector.

For more information about this practice and related services, contact Samantha Di Mauro or Francesco Rubino.