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Anna Fornasieri

Corporate Criminal Liability


Prior to joining Morri Rossetti, Anna dedicated herself to the preparation of judiciary competition, developing a passion for transversal and systematic approach to law.

She works in the Department of Corporate Criminal Liability collaborating, in particular, in carrying out assistance, defense and legal advice in areas such as economics, criminal-taxation and administrative liability of entities.

Graduated with honors from the Catholic University of Milan, she undertook her internship with the President of the IV Criminal Section of the Court of Appeal of Milan, flanking in recent months her legal practice in an important criminal law firm. During this period, in addition to in-depth theoretical training, she learned various trial activities by working alongside the Judge, including preparing for court hearings and drafting numerous sentences. 

Her thesis in History of Law, for which she received two awards in the years 2018 and 2019, is expressive of her all-round approach to law.

In recent years, she has participated in advanced training courses taught by leading professors and magistrates in the postgraduate scene.


L’Osservatorio 231 vuole essere uno strumento utile per chi si trova ad affrontare specifiche tematiche in materia 231 e per chi intende approfondire i più recenti sviluppi del settore.