Morri Rossetti gained significant professional experience in the energy sector stemming from both renewable sources (hydroelectric, photovoltaic, wind, biomass, geothermal) and conventional sources (particularly in the gas sector), promptly and comprehensively assisting the target market operators in the approval process of the projects in the energy sector as well as during their construction, management, financing, refinancing, sale or acquisition, through a legal team specialising in environmental and in ancillary legal matters (corporate, urban planning, antitrust, tax).

Morri Rossetti has also rendered legal advice in relation to: due diligence activities (pertaining to the acquisition and financing of companies operating in the energy sector and/or energy systems); drafting and negotiation of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) agreements, O&M (Operation & Maintenance) contracts; contracts for the sale of energy and green and white certificates; CP6 concessions; analysis and drafting of contracts for the supply of electricity, heating and gas; analysis and drafting of contracts for energy efficiency in the form of Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs), energy service and energy service plus; contracts for the structuring of efficient user systems; assistance in requesting incentives for companies, individuals and public bodies and loan agreements for project financing and leasing.

The integrated know-how from the Firm’s various specialised practices, combined with our versatile and multidisciplinary approach, guarantees our clients a high level full service support, above all able to identify and protect their specific needs and provide them with timely and tailor-made solutions.

In addition to our legal advice, the Firm provides legal assistance and representation before civil, administrative and tax judicial authorities, including challenging the AEEG’s decisions.

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