Morri Rossetti with Assiteca organizes the webinar: "The (new) Organizational Model 231 and Tax Offences: regulations, procedures and advantages"

Tuesday 30 June 2020 h. 2.30 p.m. - 3.30 p.m.


Mr. Francesco Rubino - Head of Criminal Law Department | Morri Rossetti

Mr. Ottorino Capparelli - Governance, Risk & Compliance Director | Assiteca

Recently, tax offences have been included among the cases in which legal persons are liable pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01. This puts companies in front of the challenge of an evolved "Tax Risk Compliance" with the related impacts on the Organizational Model (MOG) and related issues on governance, controls as well as accounting and administrative procedures.

The objective of the event is to illustrate the new regulations and the repercussions for companies and management, the characteristics, implementation methods and advantages of a MOG that also covers tax issues.

Main topics:

  • Tax offences as one of the prerequisites for the OMC 231; the tightening of penalties and the reduction of the criminal thresholds for tax violations;
  • The implementation of the OMC 231 - the phases of the activity: from risk assessment to gap analysis;
  • The tax risk management system as a criminal protection tool for company management;
  • The evolution of the verification and control systems on accounting and administrative procedures (FCPA, Sox, 262/2005, Tax Control Framework)
  • Principles, objectives and tools of a scalable control system for SMEs
  • The structure of controls in the various processes in the administration and finance area, the verification activities.

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