Morri Rossetti organizes the webinar "Revaluations 2020 on business assets and participations: which capital and tax opportunities, which operating methods and which risks to consider"

Thursday, October 22, 2020 – h 2.30 p.m.

The Government, as part of the measures to support the economy, has enacted rules that allow the revaluation of business assets (assets but also patents and other intangible assets) and active participations in the balance sheet until 31-12-2020. This possibility is accompanied by the possible tax recognition of higher values, paying the 3% substitute tax.

This outlines the opportunity to strengthen the company's assets (with relative improvement of the bank rating) as well as allowing the possibility of more efficient multi-year tax planning.


Introduces Mr. Davide Attilio Rossetti


Mr. Alberto Gatto | Fiscal profiles 
Mr. Mario Buzzelli | Asset valuation criteria and methodologies  
Mr. Stefano Morri | Civil profiles and insolvency cautions in bankruptcy perspective

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