The success of the firm success depends on the commitment and capacity of each of our professionals.
For this reason, we cultivate talents eager to embark on an extraordinary path of learning and growth.

Work with us

An excellent academic curriculum and an impeccable knowledge of foreign languages are only the basis for standing out in the profession.  Any young professional with high potential must be put in the condition to show the best he/she can do and to achieve what our Clients expect from us: excellence.

It is a complex yet fascinating, and hard yet challenging path.  For this reason, the qualities that we look for in any new collaborator concern specific features of his/her own personality: entrepreneurial spirit, extraordinary commitment to our Clients, strong ambition, sound determination to achieve results, bent for working both in a team and independently, as well as an ability to undertake progressive responsibilities.

All our new collaborators are involved in Client assignments (even of complex nature) inside appropriate teams straight away.  The fact of working in the forefront with our Clients, closely with the Partners and with the most senior colleagues, constitutes extraordinarily intensive on-the-job training which also allows to develop social, managerial and communication skills towards our clients, counterparties and colleagues in a very short period of time.

The utmost meritocracy is in force in Morri Rossetti.  All our collaborators are assessed and remunerated only based on the results achieved with our Clients.

Morri Rossetti has entered into an agreement with Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi and with Università Cattolica di Milano for the hiring of recent university graduates.  Our Firm also backs trainees in their courses for the Certified Tax Advisors and Law Society competitive exams.

If you think that you meet all the requirements pursued by Morri Rossetti, please send your application by using the form in the SEND CV section.