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Morri Rossetti e Associati excels in covering tax issues arising from the planning of corporate and real estate transactions, equity acquisitions and sales, and company and group reorganisations. The 'dedicated' Davide Attilio Rossetti is an international taxation expert.

We provide tax and fiscal expertise in the planning and implementation of all ordinary or extraordinary corporate transactions, as well as in domestic and cross-border reorganisations and restructurings of companies and groups.

We have significant and recognised experience in domestic, EU and international taxation.

We provide tax related assistance in relation to the following areas:

  • Issue of financial instruments;
  • Offerings of debt and equity securities by domestic or foreign issuers;
  • Establishment of securities and real estate investment funds;
  • Generational transfers and asset management related to individuals resident and non-resident in Italy.

We also provide our Clients with qualified tax experts, who draw on their expertise and different areas of specialisation to provide an integrated service and help Clients to comply with tax regulations. The service is provided both by supporting the corporate functions delegated by the Client to manage tax aspects, and by providing services in total or partial outsourcing.

In this context, we also offer risk assessment services to enable Clients to identify current or potential tax risks and to prepare and implement risk containment strategies, including through intervening on company processes and organisational structure.

As tax legislation and practice are constantly evolving, we support companies in their efforts to provide information and updates through targeted conferences and newsletters.

We have particular expertise in handling issues related to value added tax. In particular, we advise on VAT and other indirect taxes (registration tax, mortgage and cadastral taxes, stamp duties or local taxes), including in relation to issues in the context of M&A and reorganisation transactions.

Finally, we have particular expertise in personal taxation, identification and verification of tax residence, tax relief schemes for new residents, taxation of artists and sportsmen, and management buy-outs.



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LC Tax Awards 2024 - Winner
Practitioner of the Year
Roberta De Pirro
VAT and indirect taxes

LC Tax Awards 2024 - Finalist
Firm of the Year
Advisory, litigation, tax criminal law

LC Tax Awards 2023 - Finalist
Firm of the Year
Advisory, litigation, VAT and indirect taxes, tax restructuring, tax criminal law

LC Tax Awards 2022 - Finalist
Firm of the Year
Consultancy, M&A & extraordinary transactions, litigation

LC Tax Awards 2021 - Finalist
Firm of the Year

LC Tax Awards 2020 – Finalist
Practitioner of the Year
Davide A. Rossetti

LC Forty under 40 Awards 2020 - Finalist
Team of the Year

LC Tax Awards 2017 - Finalist
Firm of the Year
Consultancy, Restructuring tax, Patent box

Practitioner of the Year
Daniela Pasquarelli
Voluntary Disclosure


TL Awards 2022 – Finalist
Tax M&A

TL Awards 2022 – Finalist
Tax Finance

TL Awards 2022 – Finalista
Financial Restructuring

TL Awards 2022 – Finalist
Practitioner of the Year
Davide A. Rossetti
Tax M&A

TL Awards 2021 – Finalist
Practitioner of the Year
Davide A. Rossetti

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Practitioner of the Year
Davide A. Rossetti
Finance and Extraordinary Operations

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