Real Estate

We advise and assist both companies and individuals in every real estate transaction, in every market segment, throughout the country.

The specialised consultancy we provide to our Clients varies from simple ordinary building operations to extraordinary and more complex transactions.

Legal support is provided at every stage of the transaction: due diligence, financing search, development and management, acquisition, disposal and valorisation of the property, up to the completion of all post-closing activities.

The high degree of complexity that characterises this area requires a functioning synergy between several professionals, specialised in various fields.

The expertise and constant collaboration between the professionals of the various departments allow us to follow the Client in every aspect of the transaction.

The Firm's team that assists the Client in real estate transactions is composed not only of experts in administrative and environmental law, but also of professionals with expertise in the areas of corporate finance, tax law and litigation.

The multidisciplinary assistance that the Firm offers in the field of real estate law covers the following areas of expertise: due diligence, administrative and environmental law profiles, regulations, contractual documentation, finance, tax assistance and, where appropriate, litigation.