Wealth Management

We provide solutions for the administration, protection, and transmission of complex and diverse family assets, offering comprehensive specialist support in both legal and tax matters.

We deal with family assets and provide comprehensive assistance to family members, both in legal and tax matters, covering all areas of law related to the different asset classes that make up a private estate and complementing the specialist solutions provided by financial intermediaries.

We have professionals with a proven track record in advising High Net Worth Individuals, and we coordinate – quickly and flexibly – dedicated teams of professionals who are entrusted with the resolution of issues relating to the different asset classes that make up a private wealth, such as financial, real estate, corporate and collectible assets.

We assist our Clients not only in the wealth planning process, but also offer ongoing wealth advice that optimises the net return on the various components of their assets and, through the correct interpretation of tax and legal regulations, contributes to the preservation of their assets over time.

Through this innovative approach, we offer legal protection that is perfectly complementary to the wealth management services provided by intermediaries, which are reserved for the provision of investment services and financial advice.

On a daily basis, we address issues relating to the various institutions used for the holding, management, and transmission of assets, such as family agreements, trusts, family holdings and foundations and fiduciaries.

We also collaborate with the Firm’s specialists in family law, inheritance law and the law of cultural property, art, and private collections.




The Wealth Management Observatory provides in-depth analysis on the management, protection, enhancement, and transmission of the assets of individuals and non-commercial entities.