Industry 4.0: an opportunity for the Italian manufacturing scenario

Morri Rossetti will participate to the event organized by ‘The next factory’, that will be held on the 8th of June at the ‘Cosmo Hotel Palace’ – Cinisello Balsamo.
Davide Rossetti, partner of the Firm, and Roberta De Pirro, senior associate, will be speak at the conference and they will describe the tax incentives planned by the Government in order to facilitate the development of the Industrial Plan 4.0 and their possible cumulation.

The forth industrial revolution regards an always more pervasive use of data and information, technologies and data analysis, new materials, machines, automatic digitalized and connected components and systems: super and  iper amortization, tax credit for research and development and ‘Nuova Sabatini’ can represent valid tool to support the transformation process of the Italian businesses that wants to take advantage of the opportunities linked to this revolution.