Morri Rossetti organizes the Virtual Roundtable: "After the health pandemic, is it time for a competition one? Proposals to modify the regulations with a view to a peak in the use of insolvency procedures and the rescue of the national production system"


Beyond the health aspects, one of the most serious dangers associated with the Covid emergency19 is the worrying impact on the economy. Our country may have to face a sort of "competition pandemic" that could push in a very concentrated time an unprecedented number of companies to resort to bankruptcy proceedings. This imposes, more than the opportunity, the need to modify the current legislation to adapt it to the peak of the corporate crisis that awaits us, with the aim of mitigating its systemic effects. The bankruptcy phase, in fact, is intimately connected with the physiology of the economy and its inadequate functioning can act as a multiplier of the financial crisis - with significant negative repercussions in economic and social terms.

In the last period, several professionals have been confronted with this risk and have outlined, de jure condendo, some hypotheses of reform on the subject. We therefore thought it appropriate to organize a round table - with the partnership of Giuffrè Francis Lefevbre – involving some of the leading experts on the subject, so that they could illustrate their proposals and open a specialist comparison between the different hypotheses in order to find together some elements of synthesis.

When: Thursday 11th June from 2.30 pm to 5 pm.


1 - h. 2:30 pm | Introduction

Greetings and introduction: Dott. Fabrizio Garofoli - Morri Rossetti 

Overview of the topic: Professor and Lawyer Mr. Stefano Ambrosini – Università Piemonte Orientale

2 - h. 2:45 pm | Exposure of the different reform proposals and subsequent comparison between the panelists, mediated by Mr. Cesare Meroni - Meroni Carissimi Mariottini

Mr. Stefano Morri - Morri Rossetti
Mr. Marcello Pollio - Pollio & Associati 
Mr. Sol. (Eng & Wales) Giorgio Corno - Corno Avvocati 
Mr. Fabio Cesare - MCM Avvocati 
Mr. Francesco Mucciarelli - Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

3 - h. 4:45 pm | Summary and final considerations

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