Brief introduction to European legislation on "ESG" - Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

The steps

European legislation regarding environmental, social and governance’s goals for companies dates back in particular to the last decade and has developed mainly since 2015, following the European Union’s signing and ratification of the Paris Agreement[1].
The most significant European Union measures on the topic are listed below.

1 – Communication of the European Commission of 8 March 2018, entitled "Action Plan for Financing Sustainable Growth".

This document is based on the final report of a group of experts appointed by the European Commission, and presents the measures aimed at achieving the objectives of European promotion for a so-called "sustainable finance", defined as the investment that, in the decision-making process, takes into due consideration, environmental and social factors.

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[1] The Paris Agreement was signed by 195 States. It is the first universal global climate agreement that strongly face climate change and aim at containing climate warming within 1,5°C.