Mr. Morri about "Coronavirus and recession"

We are already in recession because of the measures taken to deal with the coronavirus emergency: working from home, events cancelled, shops closed, premises barred, trips postponed. On Wednesday, further restrictions will be placed on other activities. It is impossible not to think with fear about the economic and social consequences that this new general "lockdown" will have, even after the "Cure Italy" Decree.

Can our poorly damaged country think it can get away with the 25 billion euros of financial aid allocated by the government to citizens and businesses forced to stop? Who will pay all the debt it will need to accumulate to get through the nightmare holed up at home? We asked Mr. Morri, lawyer and accountant, owner of one of the most famous legal and tax consulting firms in Milan. Member of the boards of various companies (also listed on the Stock Exchange), Mr. Morri has a real vertical cross-section of the economy in front of his eyes, since with his firm he follows and observes many realities of all sizes, from multinationals to large Italian companies, from medium-sized family businesses to small and very small companies or professional realities.

The interview is available for full reading in Tempi magazine.