Dagospia: Mr. Garofoli as liquidator of News 3.0

Mr. Fabrizio Garofoli has been quoted in Dagospia as liquidator of the company News 3.0. The article refers to the position of Mr. Matteo Arpe, president and managing director of the Sator Group, who put News 3.0 into liquidation "the publishing company that published Lettera43.it, an online journal that ceased its publication in May 2020, leaving its journalists laid off".


In particular: 'the news of the liquidation of the company, entrusted to the liquidator Mr. Fabrizio Garofoli of Morri Rossetti firm and kept hidden by the company even from the trade union representatives of the former employees, has alarmed the journalists still on redundancy pay, who are taking action to defend their rights, also because the company has stopped responding and has gone into hiding'.


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