Morri Rossetti publishes a dossier about COVID-19

*** A Dossier COVID-19's second edition is now available, collecting the many new additions and contributions received until 31.03.2020. Download it here.***

The COVID-19 emergency, officially declared as a pandemic by the WHO, has been described by several columnists as a kind of "perfect storm", a systemic event of exceptional magnitude.

Since February 21st, we felt we had to move away from our ordinary work and ask ourselves the question of how to help our customers dealing with this new and unexpected problem. It was almost a conditioned reflex.

We immediately set up a group of professionals around the theme of COVID-19, and started working hard, using a pragmatic approach: what does an entrepreneur or a manager need to know and what problems must he solve?

In the meantime, our customers' requests have begun to arrive. And on that, we laid the foundation for more steps, more climbs.

That's how this Dossier was born. It is the almost inevitable fruit of what we are: professionals of different specializations accustomed to working together and dedicated to transforming the abstraction of rules and regulations into the concreteness of the life of companies and people.

The Dossier does not want to be, nor can it be something definitive and static, because of the constant pressure of events and measures. It is a provisional point of arrival that summarizes what we have done and understood so far. The team is constantly working to enrich, correct, cut, what from hand to hand seems appropriate.

In offering this contribution we ask those who read it and use it to give us their reactions and comments so that we can understand more and better what is necessary and useful, and refine the content for your and other readers' benefit.

Our task force is available for any need for further study and support, and can be contacted via email or your usual contacts.


Enjoy your reading.

Mr. Stefano Morri