Our professionals at the “Diritto e Contenzioso bancario e finanziario law lunch”

Giuffrè Formazione and the Milan Bar Association organized a specialization programme in eight lessons on bank and financial law and disputes and its complex regulatory framework.

On 12th July, lawyers Cristina Cengia and Alberto Di Alberto will discuss various topics as the compounding of interests of banks, the civil aspects of usury, the procedural aspects of bank disputes. Professor Zanchi, of Counsel of the Firm, held the first lesson on 17th May, on the new legislation concerning bank and finance and its possible effects on organizations and legal services”.

The lesson will be held in via Freguglia no. 14 in Milan, at Aula Informatica – Palazzina ANMIG, from 12.30 p.m. to 15 p.m..

The Milan Bar Association acknowledges 10 training credits for lawyers who take part to the programme.