Mr. Fabrizio Garofoli at the Webinar "Analysing the economic and social crisis to create opportunities" by Milano Percorsi

Mr. Fabrizio Garofoli will take part as a speaker at the Webinar organised by Milano Percorsi, partnered with MEDAlics and Unida. The aim of the event is to identify possible ways out of the Covid pandemic and a chance for future development, starting from an analysis of the current situation.


Details below:


Analyse the social and economic crisis in order to create opportunities

Monday 19th April 2021

05.00 p.m.



  • Ms. Irene Tinagli, economist and MEP (Member of the European Parliament)
  • Mr. Stefano Binda, general secretary of the National Confederation of Craftmen in Lombardia
  • Mr. Alvise Biffi, VP of Piccola Industria Confindustria


Speakers on the topic will include:

  • Mr. Francesco Fedele – secretary of Milano PerCorsi
  • Mr. Mario Giaccone – University of Turin
  • Mr. Gaetano Lisi – eCampus telematic university
  • Mr. Fabrizio Garofoli – Morri Rossetti firm in Milan
  • Mr. Alberto Valcarenghi – accountant based in Cremona


Mr. Marcello Guadalupi (Milano PerCorsi president) will be the moderator of the meeting.

The event will be broadcasted streaming on EuropaTv:

For further information please contact the number 3275477139 or write an email to the address