Cristina Cengia wrote a volume published by Giuffrè

Cristina Cengia, lawyer and partner of Morri Rossettiwrote the volume titled “Minority shareholders in Italian joint-stock companies”, published by Giuffrè.

This volume contains a detailed and exhaustive analysis of the tools provided by the legislator to protect minority shareholders of both open and closed joint stock companies. The relevance of the issues covered offers valid theoretical and practical support for professionals operating in the field and for minority shareholders of joint-stock companies.

Indeed, the text examines and analyzes the legal tools for the active minority shareholders  from various points of view: besides the instruments thereof being broadly described , it contains a running list of updated case-law and patters and schemes that are very useful for all professionals involved in the assistance of minority shareholders and for minority shareholders themselves.

This volume has been written with the collaboration of Maria Paola Murdolo, lawyer.

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