Mr. Alberto Di Alberto in the arbitration betwen Pensotti FCL S.p.A. and STC Power S.r.l.

Pensotti FCL S.p.A. in bankruptcy, well-known ompany operating in the field of industrial boiler construction – defended by Marco Bergamaschi and Isabella Catalani of Cornelli and Gabelli Studio – had claimedn arbitral proceeding against STC Power S.r.l. – assisted by lawyer Riccardo Pinza of the homonymous law firm a company leader in the delivery of traditional and renewables fuelled power plants using energy from renewable sources such as solar energy and biomass.

The arbitral proceeding concerned the termination of a procurement contract valued at more than 17 million euros and it was administered by a panel composed of lawyer Alessandro Albano, of Gnudi Studio, as President and s well as of lawyers Massimo Franzoni and Alberto Di Alberto, from the law firm Morri Rossetti.

During the arbitral proceeding, the parties, defined amicably the pending arbitral proceeding, after complex investigations.