Mr. Francesco Rubino represents ASAPS in the trial for road homicide of Emanuele Anzini, Carabinieri officer killed while carrying out a road checkpoint

On 14 February, in the courtroom of the Court of Bergamo, ASAPS will represent the prosecution alongside the Public Prosecutor in the trial for the road homicide of Emanuele Anzini, a 42-year-old Carabinieri officer killed while carrying out a roadside checkpoint in Terno d'Isola. The judge of the Court of Bergamo has recognised the legitimacy of ASAPS - represented by Mr. Francesco Rubino, partner of the firm, and by Mr. Augusto Baldassari from Forlì - as a civil plaintiff in the proceedings against M.C.M., the 35-year-old cook who, according to the reconstruction of the facts, last June drove his Audi A3 with a blood alcohol level of 2.97 and ran over the police officer of Abruzzo origin engaged in a control service, then fleeing. Once identified, the driver defended himself by stating that he had not seen the officer (although he was wearing a fluorescent waistcoat) and that he had returned to the scene of the accident several minutes after the incident. The judge also admitted the sister of the murdered carabiniere as a plaintiff, while his partner, mother and daughter are injured parties. The defendant will be tried by abbreviated procedure.