Morri Rossetti welcomes Lawyer Giovanni Osnago Gadda in its team as Of Counsel of the Labour Law and Industrial Relations Department

Lawyer Giovanni Osnago Gadda joins Morri Rossetti as Of Counsel, of the Labour Law and Industrial Relations Department. Also, Lawyer Bianca Savini joins the team as Associate.

They will both work with Senior Associate Lawyer Alessandra Boati as legal advisors and they will deal with labour disputes as well.

Lawyer Osnago Gadda, registered in the Milan Bar Association of Lawyers of the Court of Cassation and a member of AGI (Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani, - Italian lawyers operating in the labour field), has over twenty years of professional experience in the field of labour law, dealing both with extrajudicial and judicial matters. Mr Osnago Gadda in particular assists Italian and international corporate customers with issues related to employment, incentive plans and privacy, as well as to welfare and security.

Partner Lawyer Cristina Cengia stated the following: “I am glad to have Giovanni in our team. I believe that thanks to his experience, the resources of the network Eurojuris and the collaboration with Gesam - a labour consultancy company affiliated to Morri Rossetti – we can be considered as a major player within the national and international markets of labour law services, that today transcend the boundaries of traditional employer/employee relationships and convert themselves into a form of intelligence applied to the enhancing of human capital in forms and ways that have become more and more innovative due to digital economy”.