Mara Boffa wins at the Regional Administrative Court for a university competition

On 19th December 2016, the Regional Administrative Court of Lombardy (TAR) declared the invalidity of the Dean’s Decree by which the University of Milan had annulled a competition for researchers on a permanent contract published in 2009.

Lawyer Mara Boffa, associate in the Administrative Law Department of Morri Rossetti Law Firm, after 7 years and various favourable rulings, obtained the right to a new and impartial examination of her Client’s application.

Several judgements have been delivered in favour of the claimant because of a vitiated evaluation of her application; the University of Milan had always stated the non-suitability of the applicant, and had conferred the post of researcher to another person.

The Regional Administrative Court decided to appoint the Head of the Humanities Department of the University of Turin as ad acta commissioner, in charge of a correct evaluation of the applicants’ CVs, thus substituting the University of Milan that had annulled the competition in 2009.

The University of Milan had not established a new Committee able to judge the applications, after the resignation of all the members of the previous Committee. Consequently, the competition for the post of researcher was annulled in 2009.  Mara Boffa appealed with success against that decision.