Morri Rossetti assisting Eat & Joy in the creation of a flat food App

Morri Rossetti has assisted Eat&Joy S.r.l. - a rapidly expanding food-tech start-up based in Milan - in developing and launching a new ‘flat food’ App, which aims to simplify people’s lunch break with an excellent value for money approach. In fact, by paying a fixed monthly subscription, users can now order and collect the main dishes of the day offered by gourmet restaurants and top chefs with a strong discounted price.

Eat & Joy’s service is currently available in Milan, but the Company plans to extend its services to other Italian cities by the end of the year. In 2021, there will be a further expansion into selected strategic European capitals.

Due to the complexities found in the numerous tax, legal, technological, and IT profiles involved, Morri Rossetti has set up a multidisciplinary team.

For tax aspects, Mr. Davide Attilio Rossetti and Ms. Daniela Pasquarelli, Partners of the Firm, together with Senior Associate Ms. Roberta De Pirro, have analyzed all the profiles related to the management, operation, and launch of the platform.

For legal aspects, Mr. Carlo Impalà, Partner, assisted Eat & Joy in all the profiles related to the launch of the App in terms of consumer’s data protection as well as B2B relations with the various service providers for the platform. Ms. Roberta Incorvaia, Senior Associate, supported the company concerning the incorporation of the company and related governance issues, by defining the investment agreement between the investors and the founder, the stock option plan, and the shareholders' agreements. Ms. Alessandra Boati, Senior Associate, handled all employment law aspects.