Morri Rossetti Firm dedicates a multidisciplinary team to the Coronavirus emergency

The current epidemiological emergency, caused by the spread of Covid-19, requires compliance with exceptional regulations issued by the Government, which have had a strong impact on the production activities of businesses in our country.

For this reason, Morri Rossetti Firm has dedicated a multidisciplinary team to the Coronavirus emergency, in order to support companies in managing their business continuity and in dealing with all legal and fiscal issues related to recent government measures.

The team will be composed of experts in labour law, taxation and contracts, as well as specialists in occupational safety, data protection and 231 issues - with coordination of the partners Mr. Stefano Morri, Ms. Cristina Cengia and Mr. Carlo Impalà.

Our professionals will prepare a series of Q&A and practical indications that can be of first support for companies that, on a daily basis, have to manage production activities and working relationships.

In addition, the document already published on Monday will be constantly updated (download PDF) containing the first indications to follow in the light of new measures on health and safety at work.

Finally, the mailbox has been created where you can write to for any doubt or desire for further information.

The Firm is also liaising with the various international contacts of the two networks of which it is a member (IAPA and Eurojuris) in order to provide support and solutions to clients and foreign correspondents in all matters related to business relations with Italy.