Morri Rossetti and Bettini Formigaro Pericu in the Project Finance of the NewCo of Iren, Ladurner e Acam

The NewCo managing the urban waste treatment plants became operational in the province of La Spezia and part of the Gulf of Tigullio on October 1st. 51% of the new company’s corporate capital is equally divided (25.5% each), between IREN Ambiente S.p.A. and Ladurner S.r.l. being part of the Ladurner Ambiente S.p.A. Group while the remaining 49% is held by Acam Ambiente, that provides its plants and equipments.

Last July, the joint partnership of IREN Ambiente S.p.A. and Ladurner S.p.A. acquired 51% of  Recos S.p.A.‘s corporate capital, that was constituted as a spin-off of Acam Ambiente, through a public tender procedure pursuant to the law on Project Financing.

The NewCo will manage the plants for the sorting and disposal of waste in Saliceti, as well as the plants for biodegradable waste deriving from mowing and pruning in Boscalino. It will also be in charge of revamping the plants and manage them over a 26-years period.

Morri Rossetti Law Firm assisted both IREN Ambiente and Ladurner, with a team lead by partner Stefano Morri and associate Samantha Di Mauro who worked on every aspect of commercial and administrative law related to the promotion of the Project Financing.

Bettini Formigaro Pericu Law Firm assisted Acam S.p.A. and Acam Ambiente S.p.A. with a team formed by the partners Andrea Bettini and Andrea Pericu and worked on the administrative issues concerning the public tender, as well as on the spin-off of Acam Ambiente and on the entry of IREN Ambiente and Ladurner Recos S.p.A.’s corporate capital.