Morri Rossetti meets Friendz

Morri Rossetti has organized the event “Morri Rossetti meets Friendz”, which will be held on Thursday, January 17 at the Firm.

Who is Friendz?

Friendz is a successful startup, known for raising USD 24 million through ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in March 2018. Their business is based on a community of hundreds of thousands of users who make almost 10 million interactions and 1 million "action" every month – thanks to sophisticated gamification, rewarding and storytelling techniques.

Through the Friendz platform, brands invest for their marketing and sales needs

Some companies that have chosen Friendz: McKinsey, Disney, Ferrero, Philips, Jeep, Sky, Novartis, Mediolanum, P&G.

The two founders, Alessandro Cadoni and Cecilia Nostro, will explain the reasons for their success.