Morri Rossetti launches the 'Thematic Observatories' project

As part of the development plan of the activities of its Study Centre, Morri Rossetti launches the Thematic Observatories project, a series of vertical portals with the aim of sharing specialist knowledge. The Observatories are intended as tools to bring together intellectual energy around specific themes, with a view to increasing Morri Rossetti's vocation for integrated multi-specialist study.

Each Observatory, in addiction to collecting the articles of the Firm's professionals on the most relevant news, presents a reasoned and organized collection of regulatory sources, jurisprudence and reference practice.  It is open to dialogue and contributions from outside, from clients and experts in every field.

For the moment, there are three observatories: "Data Protection Observatory" (coordinated by Mr. Carlo Impalà, Partner and Head of the TMT & Data Protection team), Business Crisis Observatory (coordinated by Mr. Fabrizio Garofoli, Of Counsel and Head of the Restructuring and Business Crisis Department) and Observatory 231 (coordinated by Mr. Francesco Rubino, Partner and Head of the Criminal Law Department of the Economy and Business). In the coming months, other Observatories will be created.

"The Observatories' project is functional to the Firm's path as a multi-specialist boutique" - comments the founding partner Mr. Stefano Morri. "In a market framework that is becoming increasingly polarized, between very large and structured realities and small studios, Morri Rossetti believes in a medium size reality that makes specialist expertise, interdisciplinary work and ethical and intellectual passion in dealing with problems its real strengths and distinctions.  The Observatories, on the other hand, are a magnificent training ground for young people who want to live the profession as a place of thought and study even outside the classical academic circuits. Above all to them, to their exemplary enthusiasm, they are due".