Morri Rossetti launches the Data Protection Observatory


As part of the development of its services, Morri Rossetti has decided to launch the Data Protection Observatory: a thematic Internet platform for systematic updates on regulatory developments in all the main areas of personal data protection.

In addition to a section on the most relevant regulatory information, the Observatory also focuses on the main national, European and international legal sources concerning the protection of personal data, in order to facilitate for all stakeholders (companies and professionals) to access and consult such information through a single available resource. The aim is to become a point of reference and a useful practical tool for all those stakeholders facing issues related to the processing and protection of personal data.

It is a "work in progress" project: initially, it will focus on health, Internet, telecommunications, media and new technologies matters. Sectors in which the Firm specializes in and is particularly aware of the complex issues typically associated with the business models adopted by companies operating in these areas. The goal is, however, to extend the scope of reference to other industries particularly sensitive to issues related to data protection.

The project is managed by Carlo Impalà, Head of TMT and Data Protection Team.

In order to ensure that the Observatory provides current and practical information, Morri Rossetti also avails itself of external experts on cybersecurity and digital forensics.

The Observatory is an editorial project that stimulates the integration of various expertises on a specific issue in order to provide a 'vertically' specialized service – in line with clients’ growing demands and expectations as well as those of the market.

Stefano Morri, Managing Partner of the Firm, comments: “I strongly believe in this initiative that I personally encouraged and that I am following closely. This model will be replicated in the coming months by other similar Observatories, according to a multi-specialized approach that the Firm is pursuing. We intend to release this and also the subsequent Observatories as platforms open to the active contribution of clients and other professionals as well as industry experts. We believe that it is in the interest of the market to create a tool for cooperation and increased awareness – in order to fully and efficiently address the issue of Data Protection”.