Morri Rossetti in the issue by AMB S.p.A. of a minibond and the acquisition of TDX Europe Limited

Morri Rossetti assisted AMB S.p.A. in the issue of a minibond and the acquisition of the British company TDX Europe Limited, to which the issue was directed.

The issue was subscribed by the Fondo PMI Italia II managed by Finint Investments SGR, by Friulia S.p.A. (financial company of the FVG region) and by Banca Popolare dell’Alto Adige S.p.A.

The acquisition allows AMB - an international benchmark company for the production of multilayer plastic films mainly for food packaging - to expand its presence in the UK market. Together, the two companies achieve a turnover of over EUR 150 million. The transaction follows the recent capital increase carried out by AMB itself, which resulted in Friulia’s entry into AMB’s corporate shareholding structure, also aimed at supporting development on foreign markets.