Morri Rossetti in the sale of a business unit of Vinyloop Ferrara S.r.l. in liquidation (of the Inovyn group) to Benvic Europe S.r.l.

Morri Rossetti has advised Vinyloop Ferrara S.r.l., part of the Inovyn Group, during its liquidation process, in the sale of one of its business unit to Benvic Europe S.r.l. - a company based in Ferrara which is a subsidiary of the homonym group, operating in the plastic material market.

Davide Rizzo, senior associate of Morri Rossetti, has acted as liquidator of Vinyloop and has signed, on November 15th, 2018, the transfer deed regarding the sale of the abovementioned business unit to Benvic Europe.

The transaction involves not only the sale of the entire productive plant located in the Ferrara's industrial park but also the transfer of all employees.

The partner Davide Rossetti, on behalf of Morri Rossetti, has advised Vinyloop regarding tax matters. Contractual and labor law advisory has been conducted by Grimaldi law Firm - whose team was constituted by the partner Davide D'Angelo and the senior associate Laura Bernardi (expert in contractual matters) and the partner Alberto Testi (labor law cases).

Lombardi Segni e Associati with the partners Stefano Nanni Costa, Daniele Colicchio and the associate Elena Guizzetti have assisted Benvic Europe regarding contractual aspects; the partner Eugenio Romita and the associate Antonello Lops of the Firm Giovanelli e Associati have assisted Benvic Europe regarding tax matters; partner Michela Bani and the associate Simone Carrà of LabLaw have assisted Benvic Europe regarding labor law aspects.