Morri Rossetti featured in the Corporate 2021 guide by Milano Finanza

The Firm has been included in the guide to the Best Lawyers and Corporate Law Firms ed. 2021.

Milano Finanza has published a new edition of the book-magazine with a rating of 32 practices, identified through a cross-analysis of data (number of professionals, type of clients, specialisation, assignments received and results obtained), with the aim of helping potential clients to identify and choose the most suitable professional for their needs.



Morri Rossetti has been included (in the "selected" or "best" categories) in the following practices:


- Commercial Law

- Corporate & International Tax Law

- Debt Capital Markets

- M&A (mid Market)

- M&A Small Cap

- M&A Tax Advisory

- Private Equity

- Mini Bond



Among the top professionals mentioned in the guide are (with their respective practices)


- Mr. Carlo Impalà: Commercial Law

- Mr. Stefano Morri: M&A Mid Market, M&A Tax Advisory, Private Equity

- Ms. Daniela Pasquarelli: Coporate & International Tax Law

- Mr. Davide Rossetti: Corporate & International Tax Law