Morri Rossetti reinforces the Project 'Osservatori'

Within the activities of its Study Center, Morri Rossetti reinforces the 'Observatory Project', launching two new thematic portals in the tax area: the Tax Justice Observatory and the International Tax Observatory. 

The objective of the Tax Justice Observatory is to analyse the most interesting and topical issues arising from the evolution of case law in the tax and criminal tax field. The analysis is reserved to the pronouncements of the Court of Cassation, the European Union Courts and the Judges of merit, with particular attention to the case law of the Tax Commissions and Criminal Courts of Lombardy. 

The International Taxation Observatory aims to inform readers of new regulations, case law and practices in the field of international and European Union tax law. A special focus is dedicated to the taxation of companies and financial instruments as well as transfer pricing. 

Both new portals aim to be a tool of constant updating for professionals who deal with specific issues in the field and for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the latest developments in the sector - encouraging a more conscious compliance and non-aggressive tax planning.

* * *

The strengthening of the Project 'Osservatori' consolidates the multi-specialist vocation of Morri Rossetti. With these two new portals of specialized knowledge sharing, the project thus reaches six active Observatories, with over 600 articles of professional analysis published.

The Project 'Osservatori' was born in 2019, among the first ever on the market, to respond to the growing demand from Customers and professionals for specialized and easy-to-use content. In a multichannel perspective, all Observatories have a corresponding LinkedIn page - which to date have gathered the following of about 10,000 followers.