Francesco Rubino new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Unilever Italy Holdings

Francesco Rubino was appointed as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Unilever Italy Holdings, the parent company of the domestic activities of the British multinantional consumer goods giant, owner of over 400 brands worldwide including Algida, Dove and Calvé. In Italy, the Group recorded a turnover of over one and a half billion euros.

The appointment comes after Mr. Rubino was a member of the Supervisory Board of the same holding company for seven years.

He currently holds several positions as Chairman and Member of Supervisory Boards of national and multinational companies and groups in the IT and software house, facility management, fashion, chemicals, construction, luxury, food and retail sectors.

Furthermore, he has drafted Organisational, Management and Control Models for major national and international companies and has been a scientific advisor to a major IT company for the implementation of software that allows companies to manage all activities related to the Italian 231 Model.