Francesco Rubino

Francesco Rubino

Corporate Criminal Liability


Francesco graduated in Law at Università degli Studi in Milan. He attended courses on Corporate Criminal Law and administrative liability of Entities and specialized in the prevention and prosecution of crimes of in the corporate and economic context.

This activity of studying and deepening his knowledge of the company's reality has always been accompanied by an intense litigation activity, especially at Milan's judicial Firms.

He has acquired solid experience as a member of multiple Supervisory Bodies at SMEs and major groups in various economic and industrial sectors, including: Luxury, biotechnology, retail, software house, data storage, construction and food.

He participated in drafting Organization, Management and Control Models for major important companies, both listed and non-listed, and is in charge of the Corporate Criminal Liability Observatory, a useful tool for those who have to deal with specific issues in relation to this topic and for those who want to learn more about the latest developments in the sector. 

Within the Department he provides assistance to companies in all areas of corporate criminal law, with a focus on the areas of digital crimes, financial crimes, HSE crimes and criminal tax law.

This activity is provided not only in a judicial context, but also in a preventive perspective, having gained consolidated experience in criminal-compliance for companies, through the preparation of organizational models and conduct policies.  

In the last years, he has broadened his field of expertise by dealing with the protection of vulnerable persons in the areas of stalking, family abuse, sexual offences, gender violence and more generally crimes against the person, providing assistance in ordinary and juvenile courts.

In this respect, the Department offers assistance to victims of gender-based violence, relying on a network of professional relationships involving psychologists-psychotherapists, investigators and institutions, guaranteeing teamwork that combines legal expertise with victim support activities, counselling, investigative activities and the administration of psychodiagnostic tests for court purposes.



LC Litigation Awards 2023 - Finalista
Lawyer of the Year
White Collar Crime

LC Corporate Awards 2023 - Finalist
Lawyer of the Year
Criminal Corporate Law

LC Tax Awards 2023 – Finalist
Practitioner of the Year
Tax Criminal Law

LC 40under40 Awards 2020 – Finalist
Lawyer of the Year
White Collar Crime


TL Awards 2020 – Finalist
Lawyer of the Year
Corporate criminal consultancy


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The Observatory 231 is a useful tool for those who are confronted with specific 231 issues and for those who wish to learn more about the latest sector developments.