Francesco Rubino obtains the dismissal for the CEO of a well-known entertainment company

Francesco Rubino obtained a dismissal order from the Investigating Judge of Rome for the CEO of a prominent company operating in the entertainment sector. The manager was accused of alleged abuse of labour procurement contracts and related invoicing deemed subjectively non-existent.

In the ruling, the Investigating Judge supported the defense's argument - which was also endorsed by the Public Prosecutor's Office - that emphasized the effect of the reverse charge in cases of fraudulent declarations and conducted a detailed analysis to demonstrate the presence of all characteristic indicators of the genuineness of the contract, thus excluding the liability of the commissioning company and its manager.

"This is a particularly significant result," stated Francesco Rubino, "especially in light of the current social, media, and legal relevance of the issue. The dismissal we obtained for our Client underscores the importance for a company to implement a supply chain compliance system that can exclude the commissioning party's liability for criminal acts attributable to the supplier."