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In 2022 as well, Morri Rossetti proposes a program of training and refresher courses for companies and professionals.

The proposal includes on one hand some consolidated contents (successfully proposed in the past) and on the other a structured analysis of the (future) main regulatory changes in order to decode their operational impacts. The program is therefore being systematically improved in the legal & tax area.

Alongside the proposals already developed, it is possible to request "on demand" training courses on specific topics of interest, the details and duration of which will depend on the complexity of the subject in question.

The formulas envisaged are mainly "in house".

For the time being, the 2022 calendar begins by dealing with the Budget Law; the relative course will be held starting from February so as to incorporate the usual clarifications of the Financial Administration, traditionally made during the month of January.

In line with the health recommendations of social distancing, the meetings can be held in presence or by videoconference, with preliminary sending of materials in order to increase effectiveness and stimulate already in-depth study.

Below is the brochure of MR | Academy with the first details of the 2022 training plan.

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The program, as anticipated, is constantly evolving and strengthening

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To request the organization of "in house" courses, as well as for further information, please contact

Ms. Roberta De Pirro (
Head of the Study Center