Mr Poppi concludes Judicial Appointment in 'Battistolli Servizi Integrati'

The judicial control of 'Battistolli Servizi Integrati S.r.l. (BSI)', has been concluded. It was ordered at the end of last October by the Court of Milan, where Massimiliano Poppi was appointed as Judicial Administrator.

According to the assignment, Mr Poppi monitored compliance with the rules and conditions of workers, taking the most appropriate measures for the specific case. The intervention of the Public Prosecutor's Office focuses in particular on workers' salary levels.

After just over two months of dialogue between the company, its consultants and the Procedure, under the constant supervision of the Judicial Authority, BSI defined salary increases for more than 30% over the next three years for not only the trustees but also the cash center employees. 

As a result of the work of the Procedure and Mr Poppi, several other companies of the Battistolli Group, although not subject to judicial control, also complied with BSI by recognising similar salary increases for trustees.

In carrying out the assignment, Mr Poppi was assisted by his entire Restructuring Team, which was supported by the Firm's Corporate Criminial Liability Department, which took care of the examination of the aspects related to regulation 231.

'Battistolli Servizi Integrati' operates in the trust services sector employing around 1,200 workers in northern, central and southern Italy. The company is part of the Battistolli Group, a major player in the security and valuables transport sector in Italy.