New font, new colours, new ergonomics.
Our new identity: more digital, more impressive, more international.

The Firm refreshes its image with new branding. Neutral black and bright red combined with a more linear and consistent lettering to improve distinctiveness and readability in digital applications - adapting Firm's branding ergonomics to the formats and needs of web ecosystems and social media.

The ‘vertical sign’ of the previous identity has been maintained as a distinctive element, ensuring stylistic continuity.

The new logo and visual system outline a more international approach, in line with the Firm's efforts to strengthen foreign relations with clients and other professional firms.


Logo MR 2 Colori in Positivo Lineare 01 350mm


As part of the rebranding, the Firm updated the logos of all nine Observatories and adapted their websites, as well as the institutional one, to the new style. This includes changing the colours of the image treatments, type and font colours to enhance readability and content presentation.

All of Firm's social channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, X, YouTube and Soundcloud) have also been updated to the new logo and will feature a different style of graphics and photographs.