From the fake news to the right to be forgotten

On March 9, the Lawyer Francesco Rubino will attend the event organized by Eliminalia, partner in this business and single global operator capable of eliminating the negative links which are on the Internet.

The event titled “From the fake news to the right to be forgotten” will cover several aspects of current issues and of collective interest, such as the social, economic and legal effects.

The following will speak at the event:

  • Panorama (Dott.ssa Lucia Scajola - journalist)
  • Studio Morri Rossetti e Associati (lawyer Rubino – criminal aspects)
  • Studio Sutti (lawyer Sutti – law and new technologies)
  • Studio CBA (lawyer Boschetti - privacy)
  • Eliminalia (Dr. Trevisan – right to be forgotten)
  • PHERSEI – Investigation agency (Dr. Ferrario)

The event will be held at Palazzo Mezzanotte from 9am to 2pm.

For further information and to sign up, please send an email to: