F. Rubino advisor for the development of a simplified management software for Organizational Model

Francesco Rubino, along with his colleague Elisa Mazzucchelli, served as scientific advisor for My Governance (Zucchetti Group) in the development of My 231, a software designed for the integrated and simplified management of the Organizational Model in compliance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.

My 231 is aimed at Legal and Compliance Managers, General Counsel, and both internal and external members of Supervisory Boards, enabling them to perform their duties more effectively, efficiently, digitally, traceably, and securely.

In this respect, Rubino's long-standing experience in the field of corporate compliance has been crucial in making My 231 a useful software to simplify work for all those who deal with the Organizational Model management on a daily basis.

The implementation of My 231 represents an important opportunity for companies to comply with the digital evolution and to be competitive and reliable in responding to needs such as digitalisation, data protection and traceability, simplification and efficiency of monitoring mechanisms, and the pre-establishment of evidence in the event of criminal proceedings.

Further information on the My 231 software is available on MyGovernance website: www.mygovernance.it/software-231/