Morri Rossetti announces the launch of the Alumni Project and the inauguration of the Colors exhibition, which will be held on Thursday, June 21 at 7 pm at the Studio.

This will be an opportunity to meet again colleagues of yesterday and today, sharing memories and experiences we had together in recent years. Working together has a human and professional value that does not fade over time. Moreover, during the evening, on the notes of the guitarist Fabio Alfieri, the curator Alessandro Riva will illustrate the main works on exhibit.

Colors is the series of exhibitions that the Firm proposes as a symbol of openness to the reality of contemporary art by the professional world. Before this cycle, Silvia Fabbri, the curator who unfortunately died, had set up thematic exhibitions inside the Firm for several years. The proposed themes ranged from the redefinition of the classical genre of the landscape to the portrait, to the reflection on the new forms of pictorial abstraction.

But what’s the reason for organizing an exhibition inside a Firm?

Because contemporary art can and must also be enjoyed outside the designated circuits, such as galleries and museums, where it has for too long been relegated and enjoyed only by a specialist public, professionals or collectors. In fact, today's art seems to be too often identified as an experience that is not understandable, elitist, sometimes too conceptual and intellectual, sometimes too crazy, absurd and irrational, to be truly understood and appreciated by those who do not know its language; and that is why in many cases it risks not knowing how to speak to a generalist public.

In these years, in Morri Rossetti there have been several hundred paintings and at least a dozen different movements that have made the history of the art of this country. Significant numbers, which in the continuity and variety of the proposed references have nothing to envy to what can be seen in a high-level gallery or in a museum.