MBO: the cutting edge
of M&A transactions

International Virtual Event 
July, 6th 2022 (h.9-10.30 a.m. CEST)

MBO: the cutting edge of M&A transactions
France, Germany and Italy Management Buy Out experiences in comparison.
What opportunities for the Italian Market?

Management Buy Out transactions continue to be an increasing trend in European investment market, especially as for Private Equity sector. In France, the MBO market is growing dramatically. In Germany, such operation representsa consolidated practice. But we are still at the early beginning in Italy where we have, at certain conditions,a domestic friendly tax legislation and the business fabric is a fertile ground for takeovers made by funds and managers. Some relevant Italian operations already took place with excellent results.
In a nutshell, all ingredients are present for a new investment season, even in Italy.


  • Introduction
  • MBO in Private Equity sector (focus on Italian Market)
  • The role of the investment bank in MBO
  • The structuring and the key points of a MBO 
  • Selected Tax & Legal Issues in comparison: best practices in France, Germany and Italy
  • Insider: the key role of top management in MBO operations
  • Q&A


Stefania Peveraro | CEO and Editor - BeBeez


Simone Riviera | Managing Director - Equita

Stefano Morri | Partner - Morri Rossetti

Jérémie Jeausserand | Partner - Jeausserand Audouard

Barbara Koch-Schulte | Partner - Poellath


Carlo Maria Capè | CEO - Bip Consulting

Giancarlo Senatore | CEO - Intellera Consulting

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