Wealth Management

Wealth Management

The Firm is able to respond to the delicate needs of the world of extremely sophisticated family assets, having vertical specialist expertise - legal and tax - in the various latitudes of observation.

By integrating new professionals from the so-called "Private" world, and by using innovative tools, the Firm has created the Wealth Management Department, which - through horizontal unitary coordination between the various specialist areas - allows us to provide solutions for the administration, management, protection and transmission of private assets to families, their consultants and intermediaries.

The Firm does not provide advice on financial matters, however, it is able to oversee all the areas adjacent to the law that make it possible to complete the Wealth Management solutions provided by financial intermediaries.

The distinctive feature of our proposition is to divide Wealth Management into Wealth Planning, which covers the entire process of asset planning and valuation of the legal institutions for the holding and transmission of assets, and Wealth Management.

On-going asset advice, which optimises the net performance of the various asset classes through the correct interpretation of tax and legal regulations and constant monitoring of consolidated assets.


For further information on this practice and related services, please refer to Mr. Giuseppe Violetta.