New Law on the protection of cultural and landscape assets: Organisational Model concerned

On 8 February, Law No. 6 of 22 January 2024 on the destruction, dispersal, deterioration, defacement and unlawful use of cultural and landscape assets came into force.
The Law sanctions, firstly, anyone who 'destroys, disperses, deteriorates or renders totally or partially unusable cultural or landscape assets belonging to him or to others'.
Secondly, a sanction shall be imposed on 'anyone who defaces cultural or landscape assets belonging to him or to others, or uses them for a purpose detrimental to their conservation or integrity or for a purpose incompatible with their historical or artistic character'.
In detail, the law amends the articles 518-duodecies, 635 and 639 of the Criminal Code on damaging and defacing the property of others.

These amendments also affect the Organisational Model that companies have adopted pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.