Morri Rossetti presents two new 'Observatories’: Labour and Corporate M&A

Morri Rossetti has launched the ‘Osservatorio Labour’ and the ‘Osservatorio Corporate M&A’ as part of the ‘Project Osservatori', adding to their range of reputable knowledge-sharing portals.

In line with the Firm's increasing global reach, the Osservatorio Labour (coordinated by partner Emanuele Licciardi) is the first of the portals to be published bilingually in both Italian and English, and keeps abreast of evolving labour law and HR Management & Compliance regulation and case law.

The Osservatorio Corporate M&A (coordinated by partner Roberta Incorvaia) is used to review and publish the latest commercial and corporate law guidance from regulatory bodies and case law, making it a comprehensive guide in the corporate law industry.

The 'Project Osservatori’ was one of the first ever on the market, and is suited for use as a publishing tool to accelerate and enhance knowledge through a 'cross-sector' specialist service - in line with the growing demands and expectations of Clients. The Observatories are designed as tools to bring together ideas and knowledge around a topic, and help to strengthen our mission to be a leading multi-specialist law firm.

With two new portals to our name, we now boast up to 8 Observatories, designed in less than two and a half years, with more than 900 professional articles published. Benefitting from a multichannel approach, the Observatories are linked to their own LinkedIn profile and boast a large social media following with around 17,000 loyal followers. 

"We are proud of the continued growth of our ‘Project Osservatori’, which is the cornerstone of our approach to legal practice, reflecting a space of intense intellectual engagement and strong client focus", said founding partner Stefano Morri. "With the success of our first Observatory with English-language content, we have put ourselves on the global map. The Observatories have become an increasingly popular space for dialogue, knowledge sharing and learning, where young and experienced professionals can meet and connect".